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8085 Microprocessor Trainer
(Made in Bangladesh)
8085 Microprocessor Trainer
2. MTK8085Box
    (Packing Box of MicroTalk-8085 Trainer)

3. AProg8085
    Collection of 8085 Assembly
     Language Programs

Out of Stock

A: Softwares
1. ENVI85A (8085 DOS Assembler)
2. MTK8086VCOM3(GUI Interface to download hex file)
3. SODriverZE394
    (USB-to-RS232 Conversion Cable Driver of Z-TEK)

8086 Microprocessor Trainer
(Made in Bangladesh)8086 Microprocessor Trainer

A: Assembly Programs Folder

1. Experiment-1: Operating Procedures  2. Experiment-2: Addition of Hex Numbers
3. Experiment-3: Multiplication by Repetitive Additions
4. Experiment-4: 8255 PIO Controller Programming
5. Experiment-5: Multiplexed Display Programming
6. Experiment-6: LCD Programming

7. Experiment-7: NMI Interrupt

8. Experiment-8: 8259 Interrupt Priority Controller
9. Experiment-9: Cascade Operation of Multiple 8259
10. Experiment-10: BCD-to-BINary Conversion by
       Countng Method
11. Experiment-11: BCD-to-BINary by Horner Rule
12. Experiment-12: BINary-to-BCD Conversion bt
      Counting Method
Experiment-13: BIN2BCD Conversion by Horner Rule
14: Experiment-14: Familiarization with mul Instruction
15: Experiment-15: Familiarization with imul Instruction
16: Experiment-16: Familiarization with div Instruction
17: Experiment-17: Familiarization with idiv Instruction
18: Experiment-18: Programming of 8279 KDC Controller
19: Experiment-19: Programming of 8279-based Display
20. Experiment-20: 8253 Programming
21. Experiment-21: ADC (ADC0834) Programming
22. Experiment-22: DAC (AD558) Programming
23. Experiment-23: Synchropnous Serial Link (8251)
24. Experiment-24: Design og 8086 Based Temperature and Humidity Metre (THM Meter)
25. Experiment-25: 8086 based Digital Weighing Machine
26. Appendix-A: Instruction Set of 8086

Taka 30, 000/-
A: Softwares

1. MASM (Macro Aseembler)
2. LOD186(To create Hex File from Object File)
3. LINK (To link relocatable file)
4. MTK8086VCOM3
    (To download Hex file into MicroTalk-8086)
5. SODriverZE394
    (USB-to-RS232 Conversion Cable Driver of Z-TEK)

6. MTK386Schematics
ArduinoUnoNano Trainer
ATmega Microcontroller Trainer
(Using ArduinoUNoNano for ATmega328)
(Repackaged in Bangladesh)
1. ExperimentsArduinoUNO

Tk 2,000/-

1. Arduino UNO
2. Arduino NANO
3. USb Cable
4. 8xCC7SD Ubit
5. 2-Line Text-type LCD
6. 80 Jumper Wires
7. 4 Switches
8. LM35 Temp. Sensor

9. Standadrd Breadboard
10. Mini Breadboard

11. Packaging Plastic Box
12. Experiments Manual
Down this Leaflet

1, Arduino IDE 1.8.0
2. TMeterWorking

8051 Microcontroller Trainer
(Made in Bangladesh)
8051 Microprocessor Trainer

Taka 20, 000/-


ATmega32 Microcontroller Trainer
(Made in Bangladesh)

8-Bit RISC Microcontroller Trainer Using ATmega32 Architecture

Taka 2500/-
(Students only)

Down Load
Expt-1: Operating Procedures of RMCKIT
Expt-2: 7-segment Display Unit
Expt-3: LCD Programming
Expt-4: Analog-to-Digital Conversion
Project-1: ATmega32 Based Digital Weighing Machine

Prepaid Electrical Energy Meter
Prepaid Electrical Energy Meter    
Coming soon!

Taxi  Meter
Taxi Fare Meter